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If are you having thoughts like:
1. Will I ever monetize my skills to earn 6-figures monthly talk-less of 7-figures?
2. Will anyone ever pay me top dollar for my services?
3. Am I really that special?—there are a million other entrepreneurs just like me with fantastic products and services.

Negative Self-Talk About Money Undermines Our Self Confidence

And it continues to do so long after you tune that voice out and get back to work.

It’s not just today’s thoughts that are holding you back, either. Money blocks work their way into our psyche and hang out there for years, wreaking havoc on our lives and happiness, and you probably don’t even know it’s happening.

Maybe your parents instilled a scarcity mindset in you as a child, and you simply can’t shake it now that you’re a successful adult.

Maybe an ex-partner made you feel selfish for “spending too much” on clothes or vacations (even though you didn’t).

Or maybe a high-school teacher’s offhand remark about your potential (or lack of it) is still rattling around in your head.
All these scenarios affect us subconciously and manifests in our money results

Building a wildly profitable business can be extremely lonely and mentally tasking which is why you need to up-level your money mindset before monetization.

In The "Transform Your Money Subconscious Ten steps video lessons I’m going to:

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