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People sometimes think that those who get wealthy are just lucky, either born into wealth or by a stroke of luck (location, profession) find it easy to make money  

They couldn’t be more wrong. Like anything, Wealth Attraction is a skill. A learnable skill that anyone can master. The lesson I share in this video will open your mind up to the possibilities. You will stop seeing roadblocks, and you’ll start seeing endless possibilities.

Mentees Testimonials.....

I subscribed to My-Wealthy-Nuggets immediately after setting my 2023 goals, The first clarity I experienced was that: effort is fi-nite, therefore, if I desire more wealth and abundance that will lead to financial freedom I couldn't rely solely on will-power which is finite, I further learnt how to reprogram my subconscious mind and needless to say: all my 2023 goals got scrambled and I had to re-set the goals with my new-found clarity.
- Omobola.

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Coach Gbemmy is extremely good with Money Mindset Coaching, Initially, I wanted to unsubscribe because I felt I couldn't make out the time required to watch and participate as others were doing in the community, but as soon as I spared just a few minutes to catch up, I found myself sitted there for 5 solid hours watching and rewatching. The Wealthy-Nuggets is so captivating, insightful and a major eye-opener. I instantly decided to dedicate 10 minutes during my evenings or weekends to it simply because I can't throw away pot of gold. I just want to say may God bless Coach Gbemmy bountifully for sharing her knowledge with very little charge.
-Bilqees Amusan

What is My-Wealthy-Nuggets?

My-Wealthy-Nuggets is a five minutes daily mentoring video that is mindshifting and educational on ALL areas of Money Mindset. When you subscribe to My-Wealthy-Nuggets, you will get access to 1 premium money mindset video nugget from Coach Gbemmy every day for 730 days! This is guaranteed to help you uplevel your money mindset and start living a life of abundance like you truly deserve.

You will also become a member of My-Wealthy-Nuggets Money Mindset private community where you will learn, network, and grow in the journey of transforming your money subconscious and general personal development with like-minded individuals globally. Becoming a Wealthy-Nuggets mentee will not only transform your life but also, help you in ALL areas of life as you will get access to featured experts and coaches from Parenting, Relationship, marriage, health, Spirituality, Career, in our bi-monthly live coaching class facilitated by Coach Gbemmy.

You have one of the most complex instruments in the world – your subconscious mind, yet, when was the last time you sat down and learned how to use it to its fullest potential to create or re-design your reality? Once and for all, learn how to master your instrument. No stone will be left unturned. Coach Gbemmy will dive deep into your Wealth Identity, reprogramming your money subconscious, eliminating your money blocks myths and beliefs, marketing, and much much more!

As humans, we are an amalgamation of the level of our mindset. Your reality can only be as good as the level and quality of your mindset. When you become a mentee of My-Wealthy-Nuggets Money mindset community, the best parts of who you are become amplified. You stop existing and start thriving, you fully possess and utilize your own unique super power of creating the life you truly desire and deserve.

Its time to stop playing a small version of yourself, it’s time to break out of your comfort zone and allow the bigger version of you to shine through. Discover how to unlock your money-subconscious and unleash your potential.

What will I learn?

The Meaning of Money

Discover what money means to you. When you know what money means to you, it will completely change the way you view and make money! If you don't know what money means to you, you will be unconsciously lethargic towards money.

Your Wealth Identity

Wealth Attraction starts with understanding what money means to you. You will decipher this alongside the loopholes and wealth foxes you need to avoid to attract more wealth.

Eliminate Money Myths & Beliefs

Get rid of money myths and beliefs that has been holding you back subconsciously from reaching and surpassing your money goals

Dissolve Your Money Blocks

If you are still setting money goals, growing your business or making plans, then you need to identify your blocks and dissolve them. My-Wealthy-Nuggets will help you do just that!

Reprogram Your Money Subconscious

When you reprogram your money subconscious your prosperity consciousness rises,and this helps you to create the type of life you desire and deserve. It's time to stop chasing and start attracting.

Neuroscience Marketing

This is special for Entrepreneurs. You will get access to marketing wisdom, strategies and techniques that is exclusive to my one on one premium clients and responsible for each one of them earning the barest minimum of £10k profits monthly

Does the thought of money makes you feel confused, and anxious?

Do you work really hard for money and would like to make more money with ease?

Would you like to maximize your potential to attract even more wealth and abundance?

How long will you keep working to make money just to survive, but not living a fulfilling life because this is not the quality of life you desire and deserve?

Throw away all you previously knew about money, If You Desire To make more money and attract more abundance with ease, 

The Struggle Ends Now!


As humans, when we set goals to achieve, the default action we take is to ‘DO’. We go ahead to make and execute plans, we take action, we just ‘ do’ The problem with ‘doing’ is that it requires effort and effort is based on will-power which is ‘fi-nite’


We are unable to complete tasks/projects and achieve  goals. This is the exact same way we chase money! we set money goals and spring into ‘doing’

And when we are not able to meet our financial goals or live with the level of wealth and abundance we desire and deserve, we settle for a life of Scarcity, Hustling, Living Paycheck to Paycheck, Living with Fear of Losing Accrued Money etc while blaming, the Economy, Government policies, etc WITHOUT LOOKING INWARDS to assess ourselves internally.

 It’s your responsibility to improve your money mindset and shine, nobody is coming to save you, therefore, we must learn how to amplify our best selves by transforming our money subconscious.

My-Wealthy Nuggets Curriculum

Monthly Subscription

Subscribe Monthly For: $10


I joined Coach Gbemmy’s wealthy nuggets at the beginning of the year and it’s been one of the best decisions so far. It has given me more clarity about my life, purpose, reason I’m who I am and why I do the things I do. It has done much more than its purpose. Coach Gbemmy surely knows her onions! 


In just one nugget, I realized how I have been the impediment to my own wealth after all. I understood the consequences of hardly delegating, being terribly shy and poor marketing skills. My-wealthy-Nugget is an eye-opener

One thing I learned was that I need to value the value I bring. Considering that some things come to me easily and because of that I don’t put so much value on them and this, in turn, affects my pricing.

Not Again! Not Anymore!! Not Ever!!!

There will always be a customer that is ready to pay for my worth. Thank you Coach once again


All my life I always thought I have to keep getting clients every week to make more money but it has not been forthcoming, Now I know why it never happened. My-Wealthy-Nugget helped me rethink from the perspective of working smarter, not harder.


How much is the way you think about money
(your money mindset) costing you?

You can only command as much wealth as your mindset capacity. After you become a mentee of My-Wealthy-Nuggets Money mindset community, you return with a transformed money subconscious that helps you attract wealth and abundance to create the life you desire and deserve.

Real Examples

I've documented hundreds of my students, you will get to see them applying the lessons I share in this community.

Deep Transformation

You'll get to see incredible transformations with real people. The smallest mindset changes can make the biggest differences!

Coaching Process

You'll get to see how I coach my students live on stage. This is a powerful way to learn through watching others.

Looking forward to seeing you on the inside 🙂

Once you transform your money subconscious and improve your money mindset, this skill will serve you for the remainder of your life both personally and professionally. Let this thought sink in.

Let this thought sink in.

Potential Mentee Outcomes

Understand the supernatural laws of wealth and how to attract money with ease.

Contribute financially to your family and Improve your relationship with your partner, children, loved ones, and society at large.

Get your dream vacation without worrying about the resultant plunge to your bank account

Buy what you have always wanted without taking permission from your bank account.

Secure the future of your children knowing fully well that you have mastered the game of wealth attraction and their future is secure

Share this mind-shifting wealth knowledge with your spouse, children, friend, and family to help them transform their money subconscious so that you can all live in abundance.

Decoding your natural wealth blueprint and becoming a money magnet

Do what you love and get paid for it

Investment $10/Monthly

I wanted to share my teachings in a more affordable and accessible way. My one-on-One coaching is usually $9,999, But my mentees can now access the best of my content whenever they want and where ever they want.

Check out My-Wealthy-Nuggets Risk-Free with our 5 days Money Back Guarantee!

The only thing you risk - is your time. Which is arguably the most valuable asset in life. Why am I writing this, this is actually doing the sales page a dis-service. lol. I can't give you your time back, but I will definitely give you your money back if you don't like it 🙂


It’s a subscription service for 10 dollars monthly, you can cancel anytime

Email my team within 5 days and we will give you a full refund – no questions asked

The only thing that will happen is I will fire my editor.

It’s not $1000. It’s $497. lol.

You will have access to asking questions and get answers in our private Telegram community by Coach Gbemmy herself.

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