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“Gbemmy is a phenomenal lady who knows her onions. She is really knowledgeable. It was at a Masterclass that I heard her speak on digital marketing and monetization. She blew my mind listening to her. She is very warm, welcoming and supportive. I love working with her because I could Trust her. She has helped me to be focused and goal-oriented, , Gbemmy is a clear communicator and one of the best things that has happened to my business.

Coach Tolu Awopetu

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Hello, I'm Gbemmy Oyekan

I am a seasoned digital marketer specializing in personal brand monetization. My divine purpose is to help individuals with skills and experts in any niche Monetize massively using the internet.

I have done this exceedingly well and have helped over 20 personal brands monetize to 7 figures on the internet 
– without Online Courses
– Without E-books
– Without paid speaking engagements

I am currently based in Sweden where I lead the digital marketing department of a fast-rising tech Startup company in Sweden.

I have carefully created this 21 days challenge to teach you how to spread your message and use your expertise to impact thousands of people on the internet, do register now and invite the next Coach who deserves the visibility to register too!.

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Featured in:

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