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Coach Gbemmy’s Money Mindset Nuggets is all you need to transform your money subconscious, repair your relationship with money and start your journey to financial freedom. These premium nuggets will teach you all you never knew about the mental and supernatural  aspect of wealth creation and all the tools you need to begin to attract wealth and riches from within

Attaining financial freedom can be tricky but I want you to........

Throw away all you previously knew about money, If You Desire To make more money and attract more abundance with ease,
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As humans, when we set goals to achieve, the default action we take is to ‘DO’.  We go ahead to make and execute plans, we take action, we just ‘ do’ 

The problem with ‘doing’ is that it requires effort and effort is based on will-power which is ‘fi-nite’


We are unable to complete tasks/projects and achieve  goals.

This is the exact same way we chase money! we set money goals and spring into ‘doing’

And when we are not able to meet our financial goals or live with the level of wealth and abundance we desire and deserve, we settle for a life of Scarcity, Hustling, Living Paycheck to Paycheck, Living with Fear of Losing Accrued Money etc while blaming, the Economy, Government policies, etc WITHOUT LOOKING INWARDS to assess ourselves internally.

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Does This Sound Like You?


You are constantly working hard, almost never taking vacation breaks because, you are worried about MONEY! You know that if you stopped working today, you will hit the bottom of your bank account in a few months.


You live with the fear of losing your accrued savings, to rainy days. Your job is most important to you because it is the source of your livelihood.


You lose money to a failed investment scheme at least once yearly, because you are constantly seeking more ways to multiply your wealth.


You are not living the life you desire and deserve yet because you just don’t have the funds to live such a lifestyle after taking care of all your needs and dependent’s.

You're not alone

You’re Experiencing This Problem Because...

You are working against your natural wealth blueprint.

As a trained Money Coach and Subconscious Transformation Expert, experience has shown me that each and everyone of us has a unique wealth blueprint which is encoded uniquely into our DNA.

But our upbringing, lifestyle, education and the world in general has unconsciously programmmed us to hustle for money till our eyeballs bleed. 

We are constatntly chasing money instead of attracting it and this is because we are working against our natural wealth blueprint, not flowing with it

 But for how long do you want to keep living paycheck to paycheck, barely taking vacations, or finally deciding to splurge and your bank account takes a huge dip? For how long will you keep losing your money to risky investments or living in fear knowing that one rainy day can wipe off your entire savings?

How long will you keep working to make money just to survive, fulfilling your financial bank but not monetizing your passion to fill your fulfilment bank?


Imagine the Possibility

What if I Told You There Was a Better Way?

Imagine attracting money with ease?

Doing what you love and getting paid for it?

Maximizing your potential to attract even more wealth and abundance?

Decoding your natural wealth blueprint and becoming a money magnet?

Sharing all these knowledge to your spouse, children, friend, family to help the transform their money subconscious so that you can all live in abundance?

Your life BEFORE the Wealthy Nuggets Money Mindset Community:



My Wealthy-Nuggets Money Mindset Club

My Wealthy-Nuggets is a Money Mindset Club that helps you to discover your natural wealth blueprint, understand money, dissolve money blocks and teaches you the mental and supernatural strategies to attract money on tap.

When you subscribe to the Wealthy Nuggets Money Mindset Community, you will receive 5 minutes daily money  mentoring video lessons that will help you reprogram your money subconscious to attract more wealth and abundance into your life.

In a 2hrs, bi-weekly coaching session, you will experience live money coaching and intervention sessions to help you further dissolve your money blocks or empower your money mindset.

Your wealth source code

Here's What You'll Achieve


The Meaning Of Money!

Money means differently to each and everyone of us. The meaning you ascribe to money will determine your zeal to make more money. If you dont know the meaning you ascribe to money, then by default your relationship with money will be lethargic. 

Part 2

Your Wealth Identity!

Everyone has their natural wealth blueprint, and I call it your Wealth Source Code. Rapid Wealth Transformation happens when you get re-introduced to your wealth identity.


Eliminate Disempowering Myths & Beliefs!

Get rid of money myths and beliefs that has been holding you back subconsciously from reaching and surpassing your money goals.


Dissolve Your Money Blocks

Discover your own unique money blocks. Everyone has them. It doesn’t matter whether you are rich or poor, young or old, upcoming or established. The difference between where you are and where you want to be is a block. 

Part 5

Reprogram Your Money Subconscious

Learn and implement subconscious reprogramming techniques to help you transform your money subconscious. 

Part 6


Learn uncommon psychological and persuasion techniques for marketing to fuel your business sales and growth

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A 90-minute group coaching session with Coach Gbemmy to clarify and articulate your thoughts to transform your money subconscious.

Closed Telegram Group

To connect and network with other individuals in the journey of money personal development. You will have access to network, share your wins and  challenges


You will get access to workbooks that specifically help you become more self aware and grow faster in your journey of personal development

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"“Gbemmy has an uncanny ability to serve her clients She goes the extra mile to deliver exceptional customer delight It’s been wonderful working with her.”"

” “



” Gbemmy is a phenomenal lady who knows her onions. She is really knowledgeable. It was at a Masterclass that I heard her speak on digital marketing and monetization. She blew my mind listening to her. She is very warm, welcoming, and supportive. I love working with her because I could trust her. She has helped me to be focused and goal-oriented, , Gbemmy is a clear communicator and one of the best things that has happened to my business..”

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Hello, I'm Gbemmy Oyekan

I am a seasoned digital marketer specializing in personal brand monetization. I am also a Life Coach, NLP Business Practitioner, a certified therapist (Emotional Freedom Technique and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), a Subconcious Transformation Expert and a Certified Business Coach. 

My divine purpose is to help you transform your subconscious mind so you can live the life you desire and deserve.

I have helped over 20 personal brands monetize their Skills/ Knowledge/ or Life Experiences to 7 figures on the internet

– without Online Courses
– Without E-books
– Without paid speaking engagements

I am currently based in Sweden where I lead the digital marketing department of a fast-rising Swedish Tech Startup company and runs my Business and Mindset Coaching business full time

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